Each flight is timed to last approximately 30 minutes. There are usually 3 seats available.  Average weight of passengers must not exceed 70kgs.  That is, we allow a total combined weight of 210kgs for each flight.  Profile of the flight is as follows: 1 Care Person, 2 Special Kids. However if the weight factor is exceeded we can reduce the number of passengers to 2, but there must be a care person included.


In the Waikato from Hamilton Airport (Waikato Aeroclub) or Te Kowhai Airfield
In Tauranga from the Tauranga Airport (Aeroclub)
In Whakatane from Whakatane Airport adjacent to the terminal.
In Whangarei from the Whangarei Airport (outside the main terminal)
In Napier/Hastings from the Hastings Airport
In Auckland from the Ardmore Flying School
In Wellington
In Nelson from the Nelson Aeroclub
In Christchurch from the Canterbury Aeroclub
In Dunedin from the Otago Aeroclub
In Invercargill


Special needs children, disabled children, children with serious illnesses and children at risk


All volunteer pilots specialise in the aircraft they fly.  There will always be another pilot or an experienced carer/parent on board the aircraft for each flight to cover all contingencies associated with the particular special needs of that day's flight.


We ask each organisation we deal with to obtain written permission (example below) from a parent or guardian.  All care is taken, the aircraft are properly certified and all pilots are well qualified.  Flights are conducted on a regular basis and are subject to aircraft, pilot availability and weather conditions.  All Flights are free.  We also ask each school and organisation working with us to sign a Statement of Commitment (see Child Flight Charitable Trust Agreement below).  


Our safety protocol can be found on the following web page

Chris Jordan,
Jun 9, 2014, 6:36 PM